The Ultimate Guide On Facebook Sales Funnel

by | Jul 15, 2017 | Ecommerce

Ah… Sales funnel. The algorithm of marketing. It is the process of guiding unqualified prospects into customers who actually buy your products, by making sure people don’t drop away at each state. Curious, huh? Let’s take a look at the elements of facebook sales funnel.

The Ultimate Guide On Facebook Sales Funnel


1. Awareness

The first step is to make prospects aware of your business. Grab their attention and inform them of your product.


2. Interest

Once prospects are aware of your brand’s existence, it’s time to engage them to your offers by providing them something interesting and valuable. Highlight specific value proposition that are just for them.


3. Decision

In this stage, prospects are starting to consider the pricing, trial offers, and ways to get started.


4. Action

At last, our very own favorite phase: Where prospects become customers.

Sales funnel is indeed a strategic way to monitor your sales process, but how are we going to incorporate these steps in Facebook Ads?


Try the 4P strategy:


1. Prospect

Know how to attract people and who you are attracting.

  • It is essential to match your ads to each segment of your audience based on their preferences. To do this, you can use custom audiences on Facebook and apply the segmentation that you have analyzed from your earlier subscribers.
  • Construct engaging headlines, where it highlights the prospects’ interests or concerns. Below are examples of compelling headlines:



2. Proposal

Offer them something beneficial such as e-books and webinars in exchange for e-mail address. The key to maintaining the prospect’s interest is tenacity. Trial and error is okay for you to find the perfect content to offer them.

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3. Purchase

Provide them stats or testimonials to convince them to make the purchase.


4. Profit

After they have purchased the product, give them rewards so that they want to make additional transactions or promote your business elsewhere. Here’s an example of how Starbucks turn their customers into promoters:

facebook sales funnel


What does your company’s sales funnel look like? Is your organization using Facebook ads to convert customer across the funnel? What Facebook ad strategies have worked best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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