5 Tricks to Promote your New Online Store

by | Mar 25, 2017 | Ecommerce

The competition in online business is getting harder day by day. This applies also in many kinds of business, starting from selling products until services offering and so on. If you, as a new businessman does not implement such business marketing strategy, then your brand will not be able to stay along. As we can see today that there are many new online stores whether it is home based business or international business. However, if you also want to open an online store, you do not need to feel restless about the high level of competition. From all above, the most important thing is how you can easily and efficiently market your online business to your targeted audiences. In this occasion, 5 tips to promote your new online business to your potential buyers will be explained thoroughly.

  • Make a clear content. Even if this topic seems simple, yet it will be such a determiner whether your consumers want to shop in your online store or not. Here, you may start to describe your product clearly, or as an additional information, you may add an article and review that still has correlation with the products.
  • Connect to social media every time. This is the most familiar way in promoting your new online business. However, it is suggested that you have to be really focus at least on three kinds of social medias. For example facebook, instagram, and twitter. In social media, you have to make a group that is focused on your products and re-share contents which you have made there frequently.
  • Use specific promotion services. Have you ever heard PPC services or pay-per-click? This service is mostly used by the owner of online shop to market his business and it is effective for beginners. This service is usually offered by search engine like Google with its Google AdWords up to Bing with its program, which is Bing Ads. Then, how does it work? For search engine, it will display your online shop ad and you must pay whenever someone clicks on your ad.
  • Try to use the fresh innovative marketing strategies. If you are not satisfied with the present marketing strategies, or you may feel that the existence marketing strategy is less suitable to be applied in your online store, then it is possible for you to create a new marketing strategy. By having a capital coherent research and analysis, you are ready to do the experiment for your customers in terms of advertising until such programs like Facebook shop and buy buttons on Pinterest. The key is do not feel hesitate and afraid to fail.
  • Choose the right advertising option. In this modern era of technology, you are exposed to many kinds of interesting and tempting media advertising. In this case, there is conventional advertising media which relies on such medias like radios, televisions, and newspapers. The advantage of using this kind of media is your product can be seen by wider audiences that cannot be reached by internet. However, its shortcoming is it tends to somewhat uneconomic.

Whilst, further options are an advertisement through video or digital. Both of them include audiences’ network which is connected to cyberspace. This way is considered to be more economic but it should be prepared as creative as possible.


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