3 Steps to Find Great Manufacturers in Indonesia

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Entrepreneurs can find themselves hitting a brick wall when it comes time to source products. Whether you plan on manufacturing something of your own or finding suppliers to purchase from wholesale, good products aren’t always easy to find. The basics of sourcing a supplier for your next project focus on finding a manufacturer, deciding whether it’s better to work with manufacturers near you or abroad, and evaluating if a manufacturer is legitimate. There are a variety of places and ways to search for manufacturers before you examine how you should approach them. Learn more about how to find great manufacturers in Indonesia from this article.

What is a Manufacturer?

A manufacturer is any business that produces finished goods from raw materials. They sell these goods to consumers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and other manufacturers wanting to create more complex items.

Manufacturers typically stick to one type of product. For example, you could work with a glassware manufacturer who creates glass bottles and jars. You could work with one manufacturer for cardboard boxes and another for plastic or natural products. Retailers often work with multiple manufacturers at once to create an inventory for their product store.

Is a Manufacturer a Supplier?

Suppliers refer to anyone who can provide you with products and inventory. This encompasses manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. There are a ton of helpful resources online that you can find through Google. But before you begin, there are a few things you need to know and decide. You should figure out what type of supplier you’re looking for, which could depend on your e-commerce business model. This will help determine the terminology you need to use in your research. There are several supplier options, the most common being:

  • A manufacturer that produces your product idea
  • A supplier (who may also be a manufacturer), wholesaler, or distributor who purchases already-existing brands and products
  • A dropshipping company that supplies products and fulfills orders of already-existing brands and products

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Problems with Finding Manufacturers in Indonesia

There is an option for foreign investors to do business in Indonesia without establishing a foreign direct investment company. It is by finding local manufacturers in Indonesia to import and distribute your goods to your country through direct exporting.

However, it is not always easy for foreigners to deal with Indonesian manufacturers due to Indonesian archipelagic nature, red tapes and business culture. By engaging local manufacturers in Indonesia, many foreigners have the goals to earn the maximum profit, cut down costs, and enhance the overall product flow and quality. Read on to know more about common problems with finding manufacturer in Indonesia and how you can begin solving them.

1. Lack of Online Resources to Find Manufacturers in Indonesia

It is harder than you think to actually find Indonesian manufacturers online, even though the Internet has advanced greatly in the country. This is because most of the companies in Indonesia are still relatively traditional and do not rely on the Internet very much.

Even when some companies do have websites, it is still difficult to find on the Internet due to the lack of optimization. Moreover, some of the information provided on the website may also be outdated.

2. Language Barrier

Overcoming the language barrier when finding and dealing with Indonesian manufactueres is one of the biggest challenges most foreigners are likely to encounter when starting a direct exporting business. It can be overwhelming and extremely challenging because English is the main language used by many foreigners for all sorts of communications and paperwork.

However, most Indonesians do not speak much English, and the lack of English skills can be more obvious outside of major cities. Therefore, you will need an Indonesian consultant or someone who is fluent in both Indonesian and English to avoid any miscommunications, especially when it comes to signing agreements.

3. Inaccurate Goods Quality

Foreign investors may find the quality of goods to be subpar or even bad when the shipment has arrived. These poor quality products are not what they expect and do not meet the requirements they have agreed with the local manufacturers.

This issue is not uncommon in Indonesia but it can be avoided through adequate quality control and spotting potential quality gaps before it happens. It is a good idea to have a local representative to conduct scheduled quality checks and report any discrepancies before the products are shipped.

4. You Will Only Get a Reply if You are Lucky

If you happen to be able to get the information and contact of a manufacturers in Indonesia that you would like to partner with, you will need to understand that a lack of manufacturer’s responsiveness is a common issue for most foreigners.

Partly due to their business culture, most Indonesian businesses take things slowly and will not reply to your enquiry right away. And if the enquiry is sent by email, the probability of getting a reply is much lower due to the lack of utilisation on the Internet.

Furthermore, Indonesian businesses do not bother to deal with someone whom they have never met before. If you need a quick response, calling directly or meeting in person is the most reliable way.

Challenges in Manufacturing Industry in Indonesia

The manufacturing industry is a business group that is engaged in processing materials into semi-finished goods or finished goods so that the price of an item increases. Inside there are various companies that produce different items.

In Indonesia, the development of this industry continues to increase, giving a significant impact. However, this does not mean that the manufacturing industry has no obstacles. There are various challenges in the manufacturing industry faced in Indonesia. What is that? Let’s break it down!

1. Prediction of Product Demand

One of the main problems that are often faced by today’s manufacturing industry is the difficulty of predicting customer demand. This could be due to the absence of a sophisticated reporting system with tools to predict the goods they sell for some time to come. As a result, the product produced is not in accordance with the request.

2. The Control of Inventory

It is not only that controlling the existing inventory system is a challenge for companies engaged in manufacturing in Indonesia. Although there are currently various technologies that make the supply process simpler, some small industries have not been able to run this technology because of the high costs that must be incurred.

3. Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

It is undieniable that ROI or return on investment is the main focus of all companies. Every company has its own goals in increasing ROI where the steps often are taken by increasing production or increasing the value of a product.

Unfortunately, this step is not effective especially with economic conditions that are often uncertain. As a result, the existing products did not sell because of the ability of consumers to buy products also declined.

4. Management of Sales Prospects

In addition to predictions of product demand, management and sales prospects are a challenge for the manufacturing industry. Because the company often makes prospects in the same way.

Though each prospect has a different character, needs, and preferences. Companies also often have difficulty in identifying prospects that have the potential to generate more value so that they only focus on things that have no opportunity.

5. The Increasing of Qualified Workers

It cannot be denied if the use of machinery in the production system replaces the role of employees in the company but it does not mean that human power has been replaced by a machine. However, the ability of human resources is still needed to analyze and solve problems that exist in the production chain.

The problem that occurs is the lack of a qualified workforce so that not a few companies require additional employees. Therefore, companies need to do creative ways to recruit qualified employees, for example using online media to announce job vacancies.

6. Development of In-Factory Efficiency

Finally, another problem often faced by companies in the development of efficiency within the factory. It is because the budget must be spent to improve the efficiency of performance in the factory is high.

One of the most efficient manufacturing factory which has proper locations in Indonesia is Karawang New Industry City (KNIC). This area is located in West Java carries many advantages including world-class integrated technology and systems so that the presence of world-class infrastructure is in this place.

Various developments in the latest technology trends continue to be carried out by companies in KNIC to increase efficiency in order to meet consumer demand. The strategic location near the toll road, Jabodetabek LRT, train station, airport, and port makes it easy to deliver goods everywhere.

Besides aiming to support the performance of a manufacturing company, KNIC is also present to support the acceleration of regional economic growth and to present a multiplier effect that is useful for socio-economic development in Karawang and areas in the West Java region.

3 Steps for Finding Manufacturers in Indonesia

With the increasing production costs in China, the number of buyers diversifying their sourcing destinations to other Southeast Asian countries has risen dramatically and Indonesia has become one of the preferred import countries manufacturing Footwear, Textiles, Furniture, Electrical and electronic equipment, Rubbers, Handcrafts and Agriculture. If you are also interested in producing your products in Indonesia, here are 3 useful steps to find manufacturers in Indonesia.

1. Sourcing Websites & Platforms in Indonesia

The first step to taking advantage of the Indonesian production industry is to find yourself some supplier options. And the two easiest and quickest ways are through sourcing websites and tradeshows. Due to the current travel concerns that the world faces today, connecting through online platforms is an amazing option that was challenging for buyers to do even five years ago. Here’s a list of three online websites/platforms to help get you started.

2. Sourcing Manufacturers in Indonesia via Tradeshows

For those of you who aren’t held back by travel restrictions or concerns, attending tradeshows is one of the greatest tools that connect suppliers to buyers. It gives each side the opportunity to develop an immediate face-to-face connection, which has the potential to build a great business relationship for generations to come. If you have the capability to enjoy a casual business trip to Indonesia, the end of this article has a few tradeshows you could look into attending.

3. More Easier to Find Manufacturers in Indonesia with AsiaCommerce

It is more easier to use AsiaCommerce services than looking for a local manufacturers in Indonesia on your own. Our process is convenient and hassle-free :

  • Submit your request and product details to our Customer Support.
  • AsiaCommerce conducts a business development analysis with selected local manufacturers and our business channels.
  • AsiaCommerce contacts and negotiates with the chosen manufacturer or partner.
  • AsiaCommerce then plan for any required processes such as consultation, translation, reports, business follow-up, etc.
  • AsiaCommerce ensures the on-going good communication with the suppliers and the monitoring of your product quality.

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AsiaCommerce Ready to Help You Find Great Manufacturers in Indonesia

AsiaCommerce is ready to help you find the right manufacturer for your company. Our experienced team uses a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews, to provide our clients with comprehensive insights and recommendations. We have channels to introduce you to our business partner in the manufacturer. We will support your company to initiate and expand to Indonesia market.

If you’re interested in sourcing products or finding great manufacturers in Indonesia, visit our service page for more information. Our team will work with you every step of the way, from initial market research to developing a customized market entry strategy, to ensure your success in Indonesia market.


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