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by | May 30, 2020 | Import Export

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Many small and middle-class companies want to develop businesses by exporting goods to larger markets. But only a few entrepreneurs thought of trying to export in order to expand the range of their markets. Why are exports often unthinkable and passed up by business leaders? Probably because not many entrepreneurs know how to export goods. The procedures, documents, and permits that have to be met make many think that export is difficult. It is actually easier than import that needs more rules to fulfill tax payments. 

Tax revenues and imports also have different regulations. When we start importing, we need to pay taxes for almost everything that we import. Whereas when we export, not all products are taxed exports and customs. Only a few of the products are taxed on exports and customs. The products are timber, rattan, and vegetable oil. For clothing, fish, corn, bananas, food, and electronic items, it is now free of taxes and customs. 

What needs to be prepared before we start exporting?

Before exporting your products abroad, you need to prepare items for packing and distributing to the container. When the goods are ready you need to wait for the ship’s schedule and submit a PEB to the customs office. After obtaining approval to export, you may be able to take goods up to the port to be transported to the target country. But every exported item still has its own rules to be met by exporters, depends on where your country is.

Then how do you plan to develop a business with exports? Exporting products out of Indonesia is almost the same as selling products out of where your business stands. Only exports require some documents, permits, and processes that must be passed through.

To begin the first export move in your business, you can start by following these steps:

  • Try to find out if the product you will export is forbidden to be exported by your government or not
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You can access the single window system in your country to find out which goods can be exported and imported and also the tax returns. Don’t forget to make sure the item you export is allowed to enter the country where the product will be imported from Indonesia, so you can see if the item is included in the import ban or not.

  • Find your product buyer from overseas
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You could do it in a variety of ways like making a marketing team, setting up a website to introduce your company and product catalog. You could also load your items on international e-commerce or e-commerce that is commonly used in your destination country.

  • Prepare the items and documents
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After you get a purchase or order of your buyer, prepare the items and documents. Then you should notify the customs authorities by bringing in the export declaration documents which consist of an invoice, packing list and other complementary documents

  • Do errands to the destination country
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Once it’s approved by customs, you’ll get the export service memorandum where your goods have been approved into export goods. From here you can already do errands to the destination country.

  • Insured your items
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Don’t forget to insured your items if your contract with the buyer is CIF.

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