Great Ways to Change Instagram Audience into Potential Buyer

by | May 23, 2018 | Ecommerce

Instagram is one of the most potential social media to sell via online. Audience and followers can easily view photos and follow updates an Instagram account because of its display design and feature that is highly user interface. Not only its design and feature but also its simplicity makes people easily to like Instagram because this application performs very good visualization. Moreover, as reported by the Enterpreneur, about 50 percent of the Instagram audience follows brand accounts, 60 percent of them learn about products dan sale services while 75 percent of them feel interested in doing action after seeing particular post on Instagram.

Many things that audience do on Instagram such as visiting website, finding out about certain products, perhaps telling friends or even actually shopping. Well, if you are doing online business to get an optimal result, the key is manage Instagram in a proper way. Here is the tips that help you to change Instagram audience into potential buyer.

  1. Make a unique display design.

 You can divide your photo display into three photos in horizontal and vertical form. This is one of the most favorite posting tricks mostly used on Instagram. Not only more ‘artsy’ but also it can make people more interest because the photos is divided, not once posting only. Don’t forget the color detail of your photo then sharpen your photo and don’t use low resolution photo to make high resolution photo. Besides its technique, ensure that your photo is easy to undertand such as having a playful, fun and elegant content.

  1. Make audience feel curious by using posting strategy.

 You can create post that makes the audience curious about your post and interested in buying your product. Better if you don’t attach link to your photo caption but put it on your bio. You can also directly connect Instagram and attach your Instagram products and services to your website. Basically your goals are to facilitate your followers so that they feel fit and comfortable to make a purchase.

  1. Focus on engagement with audience.

 You must be done everything about business totally although purpose of business is not the main point especially if it’s related to audience. The point is about your attitude. Always be nice to everyone and all parties, start from your customer, co-workers to competitor. Being someone who is always be positive is the key. Be nice, be a good listener and give the best services. Remember that the aims of social media is also as the mean to communicate with audience and customer directly. Provide the fastest and nicest response is your customer dreams.

  1. Make an interesting and fun shopping activity in online store.

 It will make your instagram audience getting bored if it is only about shopping. You can create fun and enjoyable shopping activity such as a contest and give great prizes not only that but also give exclusive offer, for instance, voucher and discounts to your Instagram followers. You can also attach link promo code on Instagram, it can make your Instagram more exclusive. In addition, you can collect and track your customer info. You should post and promote it consistently on Instagram if you hold a contest or give discounts and your website.

Remember that it’s all about working hard and keep trying. Do not be easily discouraged when get failure, but instead make it as motivation and enthusiasm to keep trying and trying again.


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