AsiaCommerce Preventive Measures against Covid-19

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16 March 2020

To All our Esteemed Clients and Partners

The past few weeks have been hectic and confusing. Every day we get more news about COVID-19, and it’s tough to know exactly what to do.

For me, making sure that all Client’s demands are still well met despite the unfortunate situation while making sure our team maintain a very hygienic condition is my number one priority. We’re also taking steps to make sure our team is informed and taken care of.

We want our customers to get the supplies they depend on. And yes, despite the situation, our business is running and we are taking and shipping orders as usual.

Here is what AsiaCommerce is doing to safely meet demand.

  • • We’ve always been a clean workplace, but we have ramped up our efforts by inviting Professional Disinfectant Specialist to come and do more efforts to increase our hygienic environment.
  • • We do take a great care with social distancing with 50% of our staff use online meetings to take care of business now.
  • • In accordance with the current national recommendations, our employees must wash their hands every time they enter the building, pass a sink, eat, or touch a doorknob.
  • • Weeks ago, we halted all cross-country and cross city travel for all business to keep employees close to home,
  • • we have also switched to 2-days work shifts at office and home to decrease the number of people in the building at one time. 
  • • All our fulfillment team who are currently operating the Fulfillment Hub has been monitored continuously for body heat and has been using hand sanitizer before and after they did the work 
  • • We have established a task force to monitor all COVID-19 information as it comes out and react accordingly. 

Thank you for your continued support during these confusing times. Know that we are doing everything we can to get your supplies delivered on time while keeping our employees safe.

Keep washing your hands,

Frans Yuwono


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