10 Reasons Why Every E-Commerce Business Should Have a Blog

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Ecommerce

The emergence of technology innovation make things seem easier with the presence of internet. Not only that, online transactions are increasing from year to year – it is proved by the proliferation of e-commerce business. Not to mention in this digital era of information the speed of access is increasingly felt. Well, maybe you also often find a variety of interesting information that is actually contained in the e-commerce website. This is one reflection of the strategy to meet the needs of information required by the market, in order to attract traffic to visit the website. So are you still unsure why the website should be equipped with a blog, to support the need of information through writing articles? Well, here are 10 more reasons why a blog is very important for ecommerce business:


A. Demonstrating Your Professionalism as an Expert

Many people are reluctant to shop online at a store that is still new. Therefore, the branding of your website is important. With strong branding, the consumer confidence level automatically increases and it raises sense of security to do purchase of products offered. People are getting to know your products; it would build trust at once.


B. Utilizing A Product Review To Boost The Ranking Of A Website in Search Engines

Definitely before purchasing an item, then some will opt to search about the goods. From here, you have the opportunity to attract prospective customers by creating product review article with a choice of compelling content and to slip a soft selling promo elements in it. For example, discuss the benefits of a vacuum cleaner, and then in the articles include a list of the products that exist on your website.


C. Answering A Problem Through The Most Common Questions

Not infrequently customers would file a complaint or ask anything and everything about the products you sell. Usually the same questions will appear, so it would be efficient to create a special page for answering these question. The most common thing to do to mitigate the problem like this is to provide a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on your blog.


D. Establish A Broad and Solid Customer Community

Through the blog, you can build a community that is loyal to your brand. The trick is to provide comment feature, so visitors can discuss freely and in a relaxed manner. This comment column can also help you get closer to the consumer.


E. Cultivating Creative Writing To Add New Customers

Not only explaining about a product, you can create articles on the trends, hot topics or the latest news in the field of industrial business. This will make people more interested in visiting the blog or your website.

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F. Indicating That The Website Provides Updated Contents

In this digital era, what else is sought if it was not something that is up-to-date? If you have an active blog that you update every day, customers can rely on your website to search for information.


G. To Market Online Effectively

Blog is also an online marketing tool that is very effective. Apart from the cost savings, through your blog you can reach a wider target audience, even internationally.


H. More Pages That Could Lead To Your Website

With the blog, means the more links that could lead to enter your website. If the blog articles are shared, others who read it will most likely go to your blog to read other articles.


I. Blogs Are More Effective Than Social Media

Yep, through the blog you can share stories. Since you are free to write anything on the blog, you can also share personal stories and by featuring your product.


J. Blog Make Your Website More Known

Because in the blog, you can create a variety of content, you are free to be creative with the contents and process it so that it varied and interesting. People will be more interested in the content does not merely sell a product or review the product.


For the idea of blog content, you can get it from anywhere, from your business history, vision and mission, its development, then your product, tutorial using your product, giving discount and convening event, update your business, things like the topic of hot news, meme, anything. So, make a blog, because blog helps you get more potential customers and also help increase product sales.

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