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  • Confused to find Candlenut importer?
  • Having trouble to deciding price of candlenut?
  • Can’t find good margin profit of selling candlenut?
  • Having language barrier when communicating with Candlenut importer?

What is Candlenut?

  • Candlenuts are picked from gardens directly in Medan, Sulawesi and East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
  • Can be made into candlenut oil/essence (for cosmetics/hair or cooking)
  • A quality product with a round shape and white color
  • Prospects can request samples
  • What if all the difficult processes you could solve with just one easy step?

    Administration of Customs & Excise

    Asiacommerce helps you with customs clearance so you can focus on running your business. Including calculating the cost of customizing your item.

    Logistics Management

    Asiacommerce will monitor your goods from the start of ordering, the goods delivery process until you receive your goods. Through our collaboration with logistics partners, sending goods to your place is easy.

    Management of Additional Documents

    Asiacommerce provides the best service for you. We will also help ensure that the goods you are importing have special documents that must be included. Not only that, we also help with the management of these documents to your goods supplier.

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