Import Export Solution

Unlike other logistics company, we help you with end-to-end Solutions for your Import and Export Needs.

No more worrying about following the ever changing Custom regulations or  getting a headache for unclear Importation Tax or confusing Freight Forwarding Fees. Let us become your Importer and Exporter for your Business Needs and Solutions.

We offer Import & Export solution in the following countries:

Each of your business is unique and we help you with
  • Calculating Landed cost upfront
  • Clearing all Product Classification and Custom Regulations
  • Fulfilling all needed Importing and Exporting Licenses 
  • Tracking the Status and Position of your Cargo

What We Offer

Upfront All-In Estimate Cost

We will calculate all your Import & Export Cost upfront so that you won’t have to worry about hidden fees.

Custom Clearance Handling

Don’t worry about worrying HS Codes mistakes and documenting custom clearance anymore. Our Professional team will do it for you.


Local Authority License Compliance

Need FDA Approval for Cosmetics or Food? Confused with many local Custom Regulations in South East Asia? We will help you solve them

Door to Door Logistics Tracking

No more worried about where your cargo is located now. We provide you with full transparency tracking status on your current Cargo